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We are 21st-century mastery-based course for Blockchain development equipping web2 engineers transit their career to web3.

Currently, we are offering two tracks- Buidler and Curious programs.

The Curious program is free for everyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of blockchain. It consists of separate module-based classes on web3, NFTs, Solana, Solidity, truffle, crypto, etc.

Buidler program is the curated path for web2 engineers who wish to shift their careers into web3. It is a part-time self-paced 16 weeks course with a booster series of interview preparation for four weeks considering the working professionals.

We have introduced two most in-demand blockchains of the decade- Solidity and Solana. Every individual can pick either one and attain mastery in it free of cost.

Yes, the Buidlers program will consist of live lectures with recorded sessions accessible permanently. In addition, it will be equipped with regular assignments, project cycles, tests, hackathons, and daily doubt support with experienced mentors. Finally, after course completion, every learner's resume and portfolio will be designed under our guidance for job assistance.

As a token of celebration of our most awaited collaboration with Solana, the Buidlers program is to remain free of cost for the upcoming cohort, and on top of it, we will be referring our students to top players of Web3 post the completion of their training

Our next Buidlers program will begin shortly on 21st September, registrations are closing soon.

You just need to click on the “Apply Here” and also join our Discord communiti to stay updated about the program.

Curious program is depends upon module and Buidler is a part-time self-paced 16 weeks course with a booster series of interview preparation for 4 weeks considering the working professionals.

Yes, it is a part-time course curated for working professionals. One needs to dedicate 20 hours a week for this.

Yes, at least 2 years of experience is required to get into it. It is flexible for Masai School students considering their training during the course.

All enrolled learners in the Buidler program will undergo a two-week pre-course, and their performance in the pre-course project will be a judging parameter for their upgradation to the subsequent modules.

Yes, there will be 100% job assistance after completion of the Buidler program. Additionally, every curated resume and portfolio will be shared with our multiple hiring partners across the globe to match the best fit.

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